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the team
Reanimated Studio started since 12th of June, 2012. Gordon Ling ventured alone into filmmaking and entrepreneurship with little to no knowledge and experience in the industry. Now with a growing team of 3 full time staff, delivering high quality videos at Full HD or Ultra HD at 4K resolution, we strive to tell ours or our client’s story in different ways that suits the audience the best.
the name
From the dictionary, “Reanimated” means to restore life or consciousness; revive. Or to give fresh vigor or impetus to. Also commonly used by scientist and doctors to describe a presumed dead body coming back to life or moved; zombie.

So by holding to “Reanimated”, we aim to make storytelling a different experience.

Pre Production
the most important part, planning.
Ideas, drafted, crafted, conceptualised, designed, characterised, planned and sketched. These are stages crucial for a well-planned production.
camera, audio, roll.. & action!
Visuals framed and composed, accompanied with sound emitted and recorded, painted with lights and shadow, and a great production team, is all that is needed.
Post Production
cut, delete, render, export!
The sequences, timing, feeling, momentum, flow, breathes live into the video. What we choose to take away is as critical as what we choose to keep.

Our past crafts

since 2012

reanimatedstudio showreel
Executive Producer & Director: Gordon Ling
Creative Director & Director: Jiven Sekar
Director of Photography: Caleb Lim
Art Director: Aaron Wong
Mercedes CNY Shortfilm Series 2018
Client: Mercedes Benz Malaysia
Agency: Vocanic

Written & Directed: Jiven Sekar
Producer: Sandra Khor
DP & Colorist: Gordon Ling
Cam Op & Gaffer: Caleb Lim Fong Kin & Jonathan Toh Sheng Yau
Art Director: Aaron Wong
Prop Master: Benedict Lazaroo & Derek Lim
Sound Crew: Rahman & assistant
Make Up & Hair: Eranthe Loo & Lee Jia-i
Production Manager / Mama : Kayla LiSynn Chan
Production Asst. & Offline Editors: Ryan Chin & Hans Leong
Wardrobe: Cole Thow
Music: Chris M. Yong

Actors / Actress: Pei Yen, Yen Yin, Koh Char Yong, Ang Siew Kim, Ng Kim Hock, David Chin Poi, Karan Singh, Pui Sie, Annabelle ZiLynn Cassandra YennLynn, Yap Kim Choon, See Geok Ping, Bosvin Chen, Meng Kheng, May Liew, Kingo, Jessica Lee, Lily Chan, Kenny, & Jean. (Tag or comment bellow so we can find you again!)

Prego #GreatFoodGreatMoments
Client: Prego Malaysia
Agency: Vocanic Malaysia

Director & Editor: Jiven Sekar
Asst Director: Kayla LiSynn Chan
Producer: Caleb Lim Fong Kin
DP & Colorist: Gordon Ling
Gaffer: Caleb Lim Fong Kin & Jonathan Toh Sheng Yau
Art Director: Aaron Wong
Food Stylist: Yong
Make Up & Hair: Eranthe Loo & Kah Yan
Storyboard Artist: Angela Liew

Talents: Ellicia Wong, Ian Tang, Evangeline Chen, Adrian Yap, Gwen Choo, Chee Keong, Farah, & Nabil

15th November 2017

HonestBee - Delivered Fresh TVC / OVC
Client: honestbee
Agency: ZenoGroup Malaysia

Director: Gordon Ling
Asst Director: Jiven Sekar
Producer: Kayla LiSynn Chan
Asst Producer: Sathisvaran Santhian
DP: Caleb Lim Fong Kin
Gaffer: Jonathan Toh Sheng Yau & Ujang
Art Director: Aaron Wong
Make Up & Hair: Albert Koh
Storyboard Artist: Liew
Talents: Sathisvaran Santhian, Danial Irfan, Loo Chee Cheng, James Ng, Chan Seong Swee, Eskandar Zulkarnain, Tee Tze Hou

Royal Selangor: Batman Figurine
Client: Royal Selangor

Creative Direction: Jiven Sekar / Royal Selangor
DP: Gordon Ling
Art Director: Aaron Wong
Gaffer / Art Assist: Caleb Lim Fong Kin
Editor / Colorist: Caleb Lim & Jiven Sekar

56Degrees - #5for56
Client: 56Degrees
Agency: Stef Lim

Director: Jiven & Caleb
Cam Op: Caleb & Aaron
Gaffer: Gordon Ling
Editor / Colorist: Caleb Lim & Aaron Wong

AirAsia: Chef Hunt
Client: AirAsia

Director: Caleb Lim
DP: Gordon Ling
Art Director / Foodstylist: Aaron Wong
Gaffer / Art Assist: Caleb Lim Fong Kin
Editor / Colorist: Caleb Lim & Jiven Sekar

Sony - Hear Headphones TVC / OVC
Client: Sony Malaysia

Director & DP: Gordon Ling
Producer: Felicia Low
Cam Op: Jonathan Toh
Production Assit: Izham
Photographer: Vincent Cheng

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 TVC / OVC
Client: Fujifilm Malaysia
Agency: People ‘n Rich

Director & Editor: Gordon Ling
DP: Vernard Lim
Production Assist: David Lee

we combine the best of our skills and ideas to present you products really worth your attention that will change the way you think about storytelling.

Gordon Ling – Director
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